Hunter's Insight

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Hitting a foe with a debuff grants 5 stamina.
Skill Tree Skirmisher
Mastery Bow
Tier Tier III
Type Passive
Req 1 Tier II Ability

Hunter's Insight is a Passive Tier III Bow Mastery skill in New World. Hunter's Insight grants 5 Stamina after hitting a debuffed enemy. Abilities in the Skirmisher skill tree mainly focus on granting the player an improved evasion, area of effect and poison attacks. Bows benefit only from Dexterity.


Hunter's Insight Information

  • Hunter's Insight is part of the Skirmisher skill tree.
  • Hitting a foe with a debuff grants 5 stamina.
  • Tier III


Hunter's Insight upgrades

Has no upgrades


Hunter's Insight Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here


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