Forge is a Crafting Station in New World. At the Forge, players are able to craft heavy Armor, certain Melee Weapons, Honing Stones and Repair Kits. Crafting Stations will allow players to level up Crafting Skills when creating items at any of them. Both Crafting Stations and Refining Stations can be upgraded by completing Town Upgrade Quests that are regularly assigned at the job boards in Settlements.


How to use the Forge

You can use the Forge by interacting with it in any of the Settlements in the game. When you do, the Forge menu will appear, and you can see the different recipes available to you.

You increase weaponsmithing_trade_skill_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_250pxWeaponsmithing by crafting any melee weapon aside from Hatchets and Spears. armoring_trade_skill_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_250pxArmoring increases by crafting Heavy Armor and finally, engineering_trade_skill_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_250pxEngineering increases when crafting Hatchets and Spears.


Forge Crafting Recipes


Crafted Item

Recipe Tier

Required Materials

Required Skill Level



Forge Notes & Tips

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