Double Trap

Cooldown cooldown_icon_new_world_wiki_guideN/A 

Ability to have two active traps.
Skill Tree Trapper
Mastery Musket
Tier Tier V
Type Upgrade
Req Scent of Blood

Double Trap is an Upgrade Tier V Musket Mastery skill in New World. Double Trap increases the active traps to 2. Abilities in the Trapper skill tree mainly focus on crowd control devices such as traps and bombs. Muskets benefit mainly from Dexterity, but Intelligence also contributes although on a secondary level.


Double Trap Information

  • Double Trap is part of the Trapper skill tree.
  • Ability to have two active traps.
  • Tier V


Double Trap upgrades

Has no upgrades


Double Trap Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      I'm confused, does this mean it places two traps at once or does this mean I can have two traps but still have to wait for the cool down after the first trap.

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