Dead Tree (Tiny)


Gather Time 5 Seconds
Respawn Time 420 - 600 Seconds
Trade Skill Logging Lvl 0
Experience 5
Tradeskill Exp 37 Logging XP

Dead Tree (Tiny) is a Tree in New WorldDead Tree (Tiny) requires Logging in order to be harvested. Harvesting Sources will yield different Materials, as well as experience to the related Trade Skill


Dead Tree (Tiny) Information

  • Gather time: 5 Seconds
  • Respawn Time: 420 - 600 Seconds
  • Trade Skill: Logging
  • Experience: 5
  • Trades Skill Experience: 37 Logging XP
  • In order to gather Dead Tree (Tiny) you need logging_yield_perk_icon_new_world_wiki_guide_65pxLogging Axe


Dead Tree (Tiny) Map



Dead Tree (Tiny) Contains

The following Materials can be obtained by harvesting Dead Tree (Tiny). Note that drops may be affected on Skill Level, Luck Bonus and Location:



Dead Tree (Tiny) Notes and Tips

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