Battle for New World is a special, limited-time Event in New World that will run during the Closed Beta Test leading up to launch. This event is centered around Twitch Streamers competing to emerge on top of the leaderboards by completing certain objectives as they reach the shores of Aeternum and battle for control of the land. This page covers information on the Event including contestants, rewards, objectives and viewer participation. 


Battle for New World Event Overview

Battle for New World pits your favorite Twitch Streamers against each other in a heated competition for control of Aeternum and its territories and resources. The competition consists of the 3 Factions represented by 11 Streamers each on both the US and EU Servers. The event will run for the entirety of the Closed Beta Test from July 20, 2021 to August 2, 2021.

Each team will constantly be battling to stay on top of the leaderboards by completing a list of in-game objectives such as taking on Expeditions, defeating Bosses or obtaining rare equipment. Once the event ends, each member of the victorious team will receive 100 copies of New World to give away to their communities as well as a special Twitch Drop that they can run on their channels for the first week after New World launches on August 31, 2021.

All participants in the Battle for New World will be running an event specific Twitch Extension on their channels as they play New World. Twitch Extensions are experiences that allow you to interact live with each creator’s broadcast. When the Extension is enabled, you will see the Extension specific icon as an overlay on the broadcast window. Simply click on the icon to launch the full Extension and follow the instructions to start participating.

Using this Extension while you watch your favorite Battle for New World streamer, you’ll be able to collect resources that appear on the stream to earn points and craft weapons. Weapons will craft automatically in your inventory as you gather the necessary resources. Collecting rarer resources will earn you more points, and the more points you collect the closer you’ll be to earning a prize! Open up the Extension while watching Battle for New World for more instructions.


Battle for New World Contestants

In the Battle for New World Event, each Faction is represented by a Faction Leader and 10 Governors:

NA Server Contestants

The Covenant


Faction Leader: Sacriel

Team Members:

  • Shroud
  • Bnans
  • Anthony_Kongphan
  • Grimmmz
  • Sequisha
  • Danotage
  • Arex
  • Fairlight_Excalibur
  • Cypheroftyr
  • Xmiramira

The Syndicate


Faction LeaderSmashley

Team Members:

  • BurkeBlack
  • Caliverse
  • ProfessorBroman
  • KatContii
  • CurvyLlama
  • CletusBueford
  • Techniq
  • DeejayKnight
  • DanielTheDemon
  • LokenPlays

The Marauders


Team Leader: JoshOG

Team Members:

  • Bajheera
  • Towelliee
  • Kintinue
  • Ezikeyal
  • Katie
  • Ellohime
  • SolidFPS
  • Chappie
  • SniperNamedG
  • LuxieGames


EU Server Contestants


The Covenant


Faction Leader: Naguura

Team Members:

  • Ettnix
  • Kurolily
  • The P4wnyhof
  • Fextralife
  • Pepp
  • AnnieFuchsia
  • g4g_revenant
  • LowkoTV
  • Zmok
  • Snowmixy

The Syndicate


Faction Leader: ZeratoR

Team Members:

  • CaMaK
  • Maghla
  • AlphaCast
  • Bob Lennon
  • Krayn
  • Moman
  • Joueur Du Grenier
  • kennystream
  • Gius
  • Tonton

The Marauders


Faction Leader: Gronkh

Team Members:

  • Entenburg
  • metashi12
  • Dhalucard
  • Lara loft
  • Bonjwa
  • Phunk Royal
  • Shlorox
  • Anni the Duck
  • TinkerLeo
  • Mowky


Battle for New World Objectives

The following tables list the Objectives participants can complete and their point value towards the leaderboard. Note that certain objectives have multiplier bonuses depending on performance.

Expeditions and Arenas
Objective Points
Complete Lazarus Instrumentality 35,000
Complete Garden of Genesis 20,000
Complete Dynasty Shipyard 12,500
Complete The Depths 10,000
Complete Starstone Barrows 7,500
Complete Amrine Excavation 5,000
Defeat Arena Bosses 10,000


PvP and War
Objective Points
Participate in a War (Win x 4) 25,000
Unique PvP Final Blows. Resets Daily. (BFNW Rival x 10) 100
Complete a PvP Faction Mission 75


Progression and Exploration
Objective Points
Character Level 30/40/50/60 ( x 1 / x 2 / x 4 / x 8 ) 10,000
Reach Level 20 Weapon Mastery 10,000
Discover a Lore Note 100
Close a Corrupted Breach 100
Defeat Unique Named Enemies. Resets Daily. Enemy Level x 10


Housing and Territory Control
Objective Points
Participate in a Corrupted Invasion (Win x 10) 100,000
Buy a House (First Purchase Only) 5,000
Complete a Faction Mission 150
Complete a Town Project 25


Trade Skills
Objective Points
Craft an Artifact Item 100,000
Reach Trade Skill Level 200 10,000
Find an Epic Equipment Item (Legendary x 100) 100
Craft an Epic Equipment Item (Legendary x 100) 100
Craft an Epic Crafting Material (eg. Asmodeum) 100
Catch a Rare Fish (Legendary x 20) 50




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